A Review of PAST FORGIVEN by Jesse Lorenzo



Past Forgiven
Marked Series; Book 3
Published: March 1, 2017
Published by: Jesse Lorenzo
One phone call…


And suddenly that fresh start Susan Scott wanted is threatened, needing help she turns to the only person she trusts.


Detective Dominick Antonelli swore he’d always keep her safe, and that’s exactly what he intends to do. But living in tight quarters leaves him battling against his desire for her and his promise to protect the woman he’s falling in love with. Tensions mount as their attraction for one another builds, leaving them both unaware of the danger stalking their every move.


Dalton will stop at nothing in his quest to seek out his betrayer. He watches her carefully, biding his time for the perfect opportunity to strike.


Dive into the conclusion to the Marked Series, where Dalton’s reign of terror continues.


Will this evil man get the last laugh?


Or will he be defeated once and for all?



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A 5starReview of PAST FORGIVEN by Jesse Lorenzo

With a carefully crafted plotline, Jesse Lorenzo has tied up the loose ends of the individual stories that have been woven together by one dark and dangerous tie. With plenty of suspense and angst, this last installment will once again bring readers face to face with Dalton, the devil himself, as he threatens Susan and those who have plotted against him.

Is anyone body safe?

After receiving a phone call, Susan’s chance for new start is immediately threatened. Fearing for her life and those of her family, she turns to the one person who has promised to protect her: Detective Dominic Antonelli. Having him near is the only way she will ever be able to find security. Besides, Susan is drawn to him like no one before. But will her feelings for Dominic get in the way? Will Dominic be able to stop the terror and the man who has created the daily nightmares?

Dominic will do anything to keep his promise to Susan, even if it means pushing her away. He knows better than to get involved with someone from his case; there is far too much room for error when one is distracted. And living with Susan? Well that is more distraction than he really wants. But he, too, is pulled to Susan in ways he has never felt. So how can he maintain his professionalism and focus when she calls to him?

Using great pacing, intriguing and angst-filled scenes, and strong dialogue and passionate chemistry, Jesse keeps readers flying through the pages as they watch the story unfold. As Jesse so seamlessly does, past characters are woven into the storyline, giving readers a brilliant and satisfying look at each couple. I can honestly say I felt satisfied with the conclusion for each couple, and loved that the setting and relationships were so different, making me feel as if I was reading several stories in one.

But Jesse, tell me… Do you have a little something up your sleeve? Readers, beware. Although this story comes to a conclusion for the devil, there is something still brewing. I can just feel it! And I can’t wait!

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About the Author:


Jesse Lorenzo (formerly Lady J) is a romantic suspense writer and author of The Marked Series. Her debut novel, Forever Marked, released in August of 2015 and the rest is history.


She was born and raised in Central New York. This is where she met, fell in love with, and married her husband, in what can only be described as a whirlwind romance. Together, with nothing but the clothes on their backs, they forged an adventure across the country to sunny Arizona.


Now, Jesse spends her days raising her three beautiful daughters, and two fur babies… Her nights belong to writing and the creation of exciting new worlds.


Self proclaimed coffee connoisseur, lover of all book genres, camping, shooting, and all things outdoorsy.



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