A Review of THE HIDDEN PRINCE by Nadine Millard


Lydia Charring is spending a quiet winter at Chillington Abbey, helping her mother to take care of an ailing relative.
It will be calm, peaceful, and uneventful as always.
Or at least, it should have been.
The arrival of the mysterious Alexander Farago brings some unexpected excitement to Lydia’s winter stay.
Could it also bring love?
Alex is taken aback by the sudden and intense attraction he feels to the beautiful, outspoken Lydia.
As time moves on, they grow closer and closer, and something strong is growing between them.
But Alex is keeping a secret from the down-to-earth Lydia. Something he’s not sure she’ll appreciate.
Can Alex convince Lydia to love him for him, and not for his status?
And when his secret is revealed, will Lydia be able to trust the man who has won her heart?


A 5starReview of THE HIDDEN PRINCE by Nadine Millard

“Mr. Farago’s laughter was delectable; raspy and deep.

Dear heavens! She simply must get a hold of her wanton thoughts.”

Nadine Millard’s writing is always spot on, and she has once again delivered another brilliant piece of writing that will delight readers with playful chemistry, flirty banter, and fabulous romance. In this newest novella, Millard brings to life a spirited and assertive young lady who is not afraid to speak her mind, whether it goes against social expectation and regardless of whether she seems to be putting her foot in her mouth each time she speaks. Partnering Lydia, our outspoken heroine, with the swoon worthy Alex and his incessant flirting and humble heart, readers will find themselves cheering for these two as Alex tries to find a way to share the secret he has been keeping.

Curl up with a cup of tea and get sucked into this wonderfully charming and quick read.



About the Author:

nadine-millardNadine Millard is a bestselling writer hailing from Dublin, Ireland.

When she’s not writing historical romance, she’s managing her chaotic household of three children, a husband and a very spoiled dog!

She’s a big fan of coffee and wine with a good book and will often be found at her laptop at 2am when a book idea strikes.


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