Cover Reveal for THE CAPTAIN’S REVENGE by Nadine Millard


The Captain’s Revenge

Nadine Millard

Regency Romance

Releasing December 15, 2016



Lucas treated her as though it was her heart that mattered, her soul, the person she was on the inside, not the polished exterior she had been trained to show to the world.
She had grown to love him with all the passion her young heart was capable of, and he had returned that love.
As the time crept closer to her leaving for London, they had developed the idea of eloping together.
Young and in love, they could think of no worse fate than being separated.
And so, here they were. About to embark on a life that would destroy the ones they’d lived thus far.
Anna knew what she was doing, but she had no reservations.
Without Lucas, she would be miserable.
She walked over to him, and gripped his hands, forcing him to look down at her.
“I have grown up with wealth and grandeur and all the things you think I deserve, Lucas,” she began now, picking her words carefully, making sure he understood just how right this felt to her; being with him. Being more than the daughter of Geoffrey Spencer.
“And I have never known what real, true happiness is. Until now.”
Lucas’s deep blue eyes bored into hers as she spoke with all the sincerity she could muster.
It was desperately important to Anna that Lucas know what he meant to her, what he had done for her.
He’d shown her, for the first time in her life, that she was worth more than what she looked like. That she was worth caring about, truly caring about. That her mind and her soul and her heart were more important than her blonde hair or unusually coloured, amber eyes.
“I don’t want to spend another day away from you, away from that feeling.”
Anna’s breath caught in her throat as she waited for him to speak, to react.
Finally, after eons of complete silence in which all sorts of terrible thoughts and self-doubt ran through Anna’s mind, Lucas’s face relaxed into a beautiful, tender smile.
“I love you so much, Anna Spencer,” he said simply.
But it was all she needed.
“And I you,” she responded, her heart bursting with happiness.
The church bell from the village church suddenly rang loud and clear across the countryside, rousing lazy birds and reminding Anna and Lucas of the time, pulling them back to reality and away from each other.
Lucas gathered her in his arms once more, pressing her lithe body against his own, capturing her lips in a desperate kiss.
“Tonight then?” he asked hoarsely when he finally released her.
Anna smiled beatifically. “Tonight,” she confirmed.
As she dashed away, back toward the cold, mausoleum that was Spencer Park, back to her foreboding father and irritating mother, Anna thought how lucky she was.
In just a few short hours, her life would be irrevocably changed.
She was right, of course.
Her life would irrevocably change that night.
And the biggest change of all would be that Lucas Townsend would not be in it from that moment on.

The Captains’ Revenge, 15th December 2016


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