An Interview with Author Jesse Lorenzo


Pages Abound is thrilled to bring you an interview with the talented Jesse Lorenzo. She is the author of THE MARKED SERIES, a well-written romantic suspense series. Come take a minute to learn a little more the woman behind the words!



Jesse Lorenzo Pic.png

1. Jesse, please share a short biography of your life with the readers. Yikes! I’m terrible at talking about me. Let’s see, I am an Identical twin. Me and my sister still share a psychic connection. (She knew moments before my water broke, that it was going to happen- calling my hubby at the crack of dawn. He thought she was nuts, until I started shouting. Lol, it freaked him out!) 

 I met, fell in love, and married my handsome hubby in a whirlwind romance. We have three beautiful daughters, (poor guy is surrounded by chicks) and one fur baby. 

I’m obsessed over coffee, I’m a bit of a tomboy, and I love all things outdoorsy. If it was socially acceptable I would live off the grid. 

I love reading all genre of books. 

 2. Who is your hero, your inspiration… the person to whom you look up to the most and why? Any strong, stubborn, woman who refused to believe the negative Nancys in their life. No matter how hard the climb or how impossible the situation, they always see the bright side and forge ahead to follow their dreams. They ALL are my inspiration. 

 3. Who are your top three favorite authors? Your favorite genre to write?  My top three authors of all time are, Steven King, Robert McCammon, and J.K. Rowling. My favorite Genre to write is Suspense, I love to dive into a story that makes my heart pound.

 4. If you could have been the original author of any book, what would it have been and why? Swan Song by Robert McCammon. This is by far my favorite Post-Apocalyptic book of all time! I love you Robert!!!! I read this book every year and never get tired of it. 

 5. Who is your favorite character from a book? Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

6. At what age did you discover a passion for writing? I have always been a story-teller. I’d tell wild over-exaggerated stories to all my friends at school in the lunchroom cafeteria. I wasn’t doing my job unless at least one of them was spitting their drinks out in shock or laughing until they cried. It wasn’t until I had an intense dream that had to be written down, that I discovered how much I love writing.

7. Who inspired you to begin writing? My Twin sister quite literally kicked my ass to continue what I’d started. She demanded sample chapters whenever i finished. I love you Womb-mate! Thank you.

8.When were you first published? I published my debut in August of 2015.

9. How many stories have you currently started that have not yet been finished? Four. Book 3 in the Marked Series, Past Forgiven is almost finished. I have several standalones outside of the series in the works. I have already started writing Defied Perception, and have 20k words in so far. The other two are untitled, one is a dystopian post-apocalyptic, and the other a gut- wrenching romance.

 10. How many books have you written? I have written Two full length novels, Forever Marked and Beyond Redemption, and three Anthology short stories, Tales of The Night Anthology: Beauty Beneath The Mask, When Summer Came Calling Anthology: A Love Forever Unheard, and the soon to be released on November 7th, Love Lies and Crime Anthology: Blind Disillusion.

 11. Where do you discover your ideas for storylines? You have some dark characters in your book who have undergone a very difficult situation. Where does the inspiration come from? The first book in the series first came to me in a very intense dream I had a few years back. (The first paragraph in the prologue was my dream.) I couldn’t go back to sleep so I started to write it down and ended up writing three chapters of a story that came to me. Once I started I couldn’t stop. I researched every name, meaning, setting destination, area folklore… everything. In regards to the dark side of my characters, I grew up with close friends that have dealt with some of the very same situations. A lot of scenes in book one and two are based off of true to life situations. I just embellished them into a fictional story. 

 12. Do you create an outline or plot for each story, or do you simply prefer to free write to see where an Idea takes you? I usually have a general idea of where I want my story to go, but I am a die-hard pantser. I’m usually as surprised as the readers are at the direction the story heads. 

 13. Do you have a writing ritual that helps get you focused?  Yes. *I write at night when everyone is in bed. *I have to have a playlist ready that coincides with which ever scene I plan on writing. *I need my favorite blue grippy pen, handy. (I handwrite a lot of scenes. I am more creative wielding a pen… weird I know.) *I also have to have my delicious coffee by my side.

 14. Is writing a full time job? If not, what other career opportunities do you pursue? What does a typical day of writing look like? I wish writing was my full-time career. Besides taking care of my three daughters, I was a Veterinary assistant at LVH (shout out to the Skoginator and my Fitz) But I had to leave because my kids schedules were all over the map, so I am now a SAHM. 


15. What do you do in your free time? Reading , reading, and oh yeah, reading ;-)<3 Playing with my girls and my fur-baby, Bones. I also enjoy shooting with the hubby.

 16. Which character from your writing do you identify with most? Oh wow, that’s a tough one. I write a tiny piece of myself in each character, but if I had to choose one who had the majority of my personality, it’d have to be Evangelina Baker from Beyond Redemption. Minus her tragic past, her personality is closer to mine.

17. Describe your writing in three words. Raw, romantic, suspenseful.

 18. You are currently working on the next book in THE MARKED SERIES. Are there any secrets you can share with us? I have good news and bad news…

One of the main characters are killed, and another has a surprise announcement at the end.  (I might have to be temporarily angry with you once I read this.)

19. Give us an insight into your main characters. What qualities will readers connect with in regard to your main characters? I hope they will connect with their raw emotions and brokenness. Not every heroine is a die-hard badass with no fear, and not all villains are unredeemable. 

With Ellora, she gains strength throughout her story and learns to trust again. The reader is taken on a journey with her through her fear, escapes, and love. They root for her to get her HEA. 

With Giddeon, I turn your hatred of him from book one into remorse, and possibly love in book two. There is a reason he’s turned out to be this twisted. Once the reader finds out why, they root for him to get his much sought after revenge. 

We all have flaws and things that happen in our past that we regret. Even though I write suspense, I want my characters to be as REAL as possible. I want you to love them, hate them, and root for them. 

20. What do you hope readers gain from your stories? I want my readers to gain a newfound sense of the old-fashioned kind of chivalrous, Love and Hope for fresh starts and new beginnings. I want them to fall in love with Portree Harbor’s rich history and folklore as much as I did… And for the suspense lovers out there, I want them to gain a healthy dose of heart-stopping close calls, and revenge. ;-P


**Lightning Round:

 •Favorite Food? I love spanish food! Tacos, Yellow rice, Pastalillos, pernil, pico de gayo… LOOOVE IT!!

•Favorite drink?  Ooo I love me some dark roast Café Bustelo coffee. I could tap a vein and inject it directly into my system.

 •Favorite vacation destination? Anywhere in the woods. I love to go tent-camping. I love road trips.

•Favorite superhero? Batman is king! 

 •Secret talent? Psychic twin connection. I love you womb-mate.

 •Karaoke? (If yes, song choice?) NOPE!! I’d be booed off stage by all the newly deaf people lol but… If I had to I’d choose Girls Just Want to Have Fun! By Cindy Lauper. 

 •Hot dog or Hamburger? Loaded Hamburger, hands down.

•Cake or Ice cream? Hmmm Ice cream, I guess. I’m not really a fan of sweets. I like spicy and salty.

•Introvert or Extrovert? When i’m comfortable, I’m a total extrovert. 

•Football or Basketball? Definitely football.

•Mountains or beach? OOOO that’s a toss up… depending on the temperature I can go either way. I love hot weather, but I love camping.

 •Bacon or Sausage? BACON!!!!! It should have it’s own space on the food pyramid. 

 •Inside or Outside? I’m a die hard outdoorsy person.

 •Morning Person or Night Owl? I despise mornings. They should be outlawed. I can barely function in the morning. I am hands down a night owl. I could stay up all night. I think more clearly and am more creative at night. 

 •Brains or Brawn? Brains!! Brawn can always be acquired, brains… not so much.

 •Beer, wine, or whiskey? I love a refreshing beer. (I am a tom boy after all) But I do enjoy getting all fancyfied and drinking some white wine every now and then. 😉 

 •Girls Night or Evening at home? Well, since I spend the majority of my time at home to begin with, I do enjoy a fun night out with my girls.

Jesse, thank you so much for sharing your time with the readers at Pages Abound. We are all looking forward to the next releases you have to offer.

And for those of you who have not picked up any of Forever Marked or Beyond Redemption, enter to win an e-book (kindle format) of your choice from Pages Abound.

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