A Review of BILLIONAIRE TAKES ALL by Jackson Kane (Debut novel!)

BILLIONAIRE TAKES ALL a debut novel by Jackson Kane is #LIVE! Check out our review and a reading by the author himself!


Billionaire Takes All Cover



I just lost my half of five billion dollars.

Five. Billion. F*#king dollars.

The voicemail still chimed in my skull: “Your father is dying. The inheritance is no longer yours or your brother’s. If you want that money, you’re going to have to play by some… unconventional rules.”

Rules? Screw that. I didn’t get this far by following anyone’s rules.
But I did know one thing. If this was a competition between my brother and I for the entire King Family fortune…

I was going to win.

That’s probably exactly what my brother was saying right now, too. He and I hate each other, we have for years. We know hate, and we know what it means to compete.

What we didn’t know was how messed up these “rules” would be. You see, to get our inheritance, we’ve got to do something drastic.

Knock someone up.

That’s right. If I want my money, I’ve got to get a girl pregnant. One thing’s for sure, my sleepy town of Caldwell Hope is in for a rude awakening.
Lock up your wives, your girlfriends, your daughters–everyone is fair game when it comes to winning this damn contest.

The King brothers are coming home.
All hell’s about to break loose.

A blurb of Billionaire Takes All read by Author Jackson Kane

Billionaire Takes All Teaser1

Our Review of Billionaire Takes All by Jackson Kane

I can’t tell you how excited I was when asked to review the debut novel from Jackson Kane. Seeing the romance world through the eyes of a male author screams to me. So when I read the premise of the story, I could not wait to see how this man was going to portray the angst and emotions of two brothers being pitted against one another in order to win and secure the inheritance while weaving in the elements of a romance.

This was a beautiful love story that was centered around the love a father has for his children and his desire to see his boys find a love like he once knew. The lengths to which this father goes to show his children the compassion, concern, and love he has for them, hoping for each to find more out of life, was unique but heartfelt. But to call it a true romance was difficult for me, perhaps because it lacked some of the character development I was needing.

Now don’t get me wrong, Jackson Kane added in two very strong male characters with love interests that pushed these two men. Both Richard and Lucas were alpha males in their own right. They had completely different interest and ambitions, which created a greater tension between the two. Their sibling banter and rivalry added to the emotional journey these two must take as they each search for the woman who will provide an heir. But the time spent on the two characters and the development of the relationships were too fast and far too short. I actually think Richard and Lucas could have each had a book with greater development of the characters with far more time spent on the female leads who brought their own level of attention to the story. Yes, there were some steamy scenes, some pitfalls to hurdle, and some good chemistry. However, the storyline felt a little rushed and needed some additional building to give these characters the strong sexual chemistry and strength that was trying to come through.

Overall, however, it was a good, quick read with a beautiful ending. Well worth the time and a great debut piece! This receives a solid 3.5 stars!


Jackson Kane.jpg

I’m a bad boy, an adventurer, a romance author and above all else hopeless romantic. I’ve been all around the world and met tons of amazing people and you know what I’ve found?

I love readers the most.

Books open our minds, make us feel things we never thought possible. You might not be able to travel the world, but that’s why I’m here. In my books you’ll meet my friends, lovers and all the wonderful people that inspire me every day and make life worth living.

I’ll show you what the world looks like through the eyes of a genuine Bad Boy. Come with me and read dangerously.

My name’s Jackson Kane and I write Romance that’ll make you sweat.




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