CRAVE by Victoria Danann is coming 5.20.16. (Excerpt Post)

Crave Cover.jpg

TITLE: Crave

 SERIES: Exiled, #2

 AUTHOR: Victoria Danann

 RELEASE DATE: May 20, 2016


 PAGES: 250

Crave Teaser 1



Seasons came and went as Crave was held in isolation, chained in darkness, kept in filth, starved, tortured, taunted, taken to the point of a welcome death only to be revived so that his tormentors could begin the cycle again. His family believed he was dead, but the woman who held his heart waited for him and never gave up hope that he was alive. After his rescue, his memory and sanity gone, she will plumb the depths of love. Only one person can bring him back from hell, but it takes a village to prove to him that he’ll never be alone again.








Dandy and Crave had taken the hike up the western mountain to the waterfall pool.
Everyone knew where it was, but few people went because the effort to get there was
worth mention.
The pool was small, only fifteen feet across, but the water was beautiful and clear. It
was also cold since it began its journey higher up as snow melt. Crave thought it was
the prettiest spot in the world, surrounded by pink granite outcroppings, aspens and
evergreen trees.
They’d removed their clothes and jumped in, Dandy shrieking about the cold while he
pretended to be immune and laughed at her. They swam and splashed, but after a time
ended up kissing and exploring each other’s postpubescent bodies.
In many ways Dandy thought those first shy touches were the most erotic things that
would ever happen to her. It was then and there that Crave had also declared.
“I love you, Dandy. You’re my Promise.”
She laughed. “You can’t just say I’m your Promise, Crave. You have to ask me. Don’t
you know that?”
He looked a little hurt, but started again. “Dandelion. I love you. Are you going to be my
Promise or not?”
“I will.” She smiled showing off her white teeth. Then she grew serious as a
thundercloud. “But I’d better never catch you with another female.”
Crave was offended at the suggestion. Even in his fantasies, the only female he could
imagine mounting was Dandelion. “I wouldn’t do that.” Understanding flitted across his
boyish features as he considered the implications and his expression changed to a look
of worry. “Same for you. Right? No other males.”
Dandy smiled a perfectly coy female smile and drew closer. “I would never, Crave,” she
breathed. “You’re my Promise.”
His forehead smoothed as he relaxed then promptly dunked her under with a
mischievous grin.


Crave Teaser

Victoria Danann



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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Winner BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE SERIES three years in a row. (2013, 2014, 2015)


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