A Review of Hearts in the Sand by Jennifer L. Allen



Hearts In The Sand

(JACT Book 2)


Jennifer L. Allen


Genre: Contemporary Romance



The last several years of Trevor Monroe’s life have been quite a rollercoaster. He has always been the responsible and dependable one, the one friends and siblings look to for advice, or help bailing themselves out of whatever mess they’ve gotten into. He has certainly earned a month-long vacation to North Carolina’s Outer Banks.



Sara Sands loves her life on the Outer Banks. Sure, the road to where she is today hasn’t always been smooth, but she is the proud owner of a successful company, Sand Tours, doing what she loves, and she couldn’t love her niece and nephew more if they were her own. Life is good.



Fate brings Trevor and Sara together and the chemistry between the two kindred spirits cannot be denied. Against both of their natures, they decide to just enjoy the month they have together before Trevor returns home with his family to record their next album and Sara will return to her normal routine of work and family.


Sparks fly and their bond grows overwhelmingly stronger, will they be able to part ways with their hearts intact when the month ends?



A 🌟🌟🌟🌟 Review of Hearts In The Sand (JACT BOOK 2) by Jennifer L. Allen

Reviewed by Amy at Pages Abound

Let me first begin by saying that although this is book two of the JACT Series, readers will have little trouble reading this as a standalone. The author has infused enough background throughout the story to give an understanding as to the additional characters who make up JACT.

Hearts in the Sand is an incredible story about two people who have had to push aside their own desires to care for others around them. Both Trevor and Sara are strong, independent, and guarded individuals with a mind for business and hearts filled with compassion. For those who have read Our Moon –a must read if you have not, simply for the fact that it is an amazing book– readers understand Trevor’s need to look after his younger sibling following the death of their parents and the tragedy that befalls his sister. He is also the “father figure” within the band, JACT. Always worrying about others and leading the band has caused Trevor to limit the risks he is willing to take in life or with his heart. However, during the “family vacation,” Trevor runs into a woman who causes him rethink the idea of “the one.” A woman who makes him think opening himself up may be worth it, even if only for a short time.

Sara is a strong-willed, independent, and a smart business woman. A woman with not only baggage from her childhood, but the added responsibility of balancing a business and caring for her niece and nephew. So when Sara finds herself immediately attracted to Trevor, she resigns herself to simply admiring from afar. However, the connection between the two proves to be more than either can resist. So when Trevor and Sara both decide to simply spend a few times together here and there, neither one can shake the feeling that there is something greater brewing. But how can Sara commit to something with Trevor when they only have a few weeks? Neither one believes a long distance relationship can work. So what happens when two people fall in love? When the one you didn’t even know you were looking for suddenly turns up with a time clock counting down? It is worth the risk to gain a small amount of happiness for even a short time?

 There are those of us that believe in serendipitous moments; who believe people are brought together at just the right moments. The story of Trevor and Sara is one such story in which two people’s worlds collide at just the precise moment, whether they believe it is the best timing or not. Filled with some witty banter, live-sized conflicts, and barriers built around the heart, Trevor and Sara’s story is romantic and flawed in the best of ways. It is the story of two people struggling to let go of the past and their fears of the future to find happiness in the now.

Although this was a good story, I am anxious to get my hands on Alex’s story. I am sure that one will have plenty of laugh out loud moments and extreme situations. However, I would also like a glimpse into Trevor and Sara’s story, as there are so many questions I have in regard to their relationship.



Just as Alex and Joey step out of the building, a muddy Jeep Wrangler comes rushing into the lot and jerks into a parking space, barking its tires. Muttered curse words in the most angelic of tones float across the parking lot and I can’t tear my eyes, or ears, away from the spectacle if I tried.

The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen gets out of said Jeep, slams the door, and kicks it for good measure. She tips her head back and closes her eyes, her full lips moving but I can’t hear what she’s saying. I wish I could hear what she was saying.

I take a moment to completely check her out: long, tan legs, denim short-shorts, white tank top with pink bikini straps peeking out around her neck. She’s barefoot, and something about that is sexy as hell. Her long, brown hair is in a thick braid down her back.

“Holy hot chick,” Alex says, not quietly, beside me.


Holy Hot Chick straightens herself out, her eyes zero in on our group—all staring in wonder now—probably wondering who had called her “hot chick”, then after staring at us—at me—for a good thirty seconds, huffs and storms into the building.

“Bitches be crazy,” Alex says with a shrug, then hops in the back and begins arguing with Joey about who gets to sit across from Max. “Sit across from your wife…Max wants to sit across from his favorite uncle. Don’t ya buddy?”

“Unca! Unca!”

“Told you!” Alex laughs maniacally. I shake my head; the antics never seem to end.

The side door of the building pops open and the beautiful brunette from the Jeep appears. Smiling and confident, she walks right up to me and sticks her hand out.

“You must be Mr. Monroe. I’m Sara, I’ll be your driver today.”

I’m not entirely sure, but I think my jaw drops for a second before I take her hand and shake. What I’d really like to do is bring her hand up to my lips and kiss it like the goddess I’m positive she must be.

“Trevor. Please, call me Trevor. Mr. Monroe was my dad.” I smile, slightly stumbling over my words.

“This is gonna be epic,” I hear Alex say in a stage whisper behind me. Sad thing is, he probably thought he was actually whispering.

“Sorry about him,” I say, still shaking her hand. “Sorry,’ I grimace, dropping her hand.

“It’s okay,” she smiles. “I guess you’re riding with me?” she asks, raising her brow and drawing my attention from her mouth to the most amazing blue eyes I’ve ever seen.

“Yeah, I’m riding you. With you. I’m riding with you. Shit.” I tip my head back and close my eyes, very similar to how I just saw her a few minutes ago. “I’m sorry,” I say, but I’m not sure she can hear me over Alex and Joey’s uproarious laughter from the back of the truck. I finally open my eyes and chance a look at her and see that she’s laughing a little, too.

“You’ll have to take me to dinner first,” she winks. “As for the tour, why don’t you get in the front seat while I check to make sure everyone’s seat belts are secure?”

“Can you secure my seat belt for me?” Alex asks. “Ow, what the hel—heck did you do that for?” Alex glares at Ally.

“Behave yourself!” she growls.

“Chase, control your woman! Ow! Son of a—! Switch with me Joe, sit across from your kid. Come on.”

“You think my wife won’t kick you?”

“Trev, I’ll sit up front,” Alex says, making a move to rise.

“Sorry,” Sara says, patting Alex on the shoulder. “Trevor’s too tall to sit back here. It’s in the rule book.”

“But I was born a rule breaker, baby.” Alex says, waggling his eyebrows and giving his best grin.

“You were not,” Ally interjects. “If anyone was born a rule breaker, it was me.”

“You were slow. That hardly makes you a rule breaker.”

“I was supposed to be first.”

“And that just means you’ve been failing to meet expectations since birth. Not that you’re a rule breaker.”

Ally glares at Alex, then looks at Chase expectantly. He rolls his eyes, but still elbows Alex in the side.

“Ow, what was that for?”

“Stop disrespecting your sister. You’re being an ass.”

“Language,” Evie calls out.

“Sorry,” Chase says.

“She started it,” Alex complains. “I only said I was born a rule breaker, she’s the one who started arguing with me.”

“Are they always like this?” Sara asks me as we both take a seat in the cab.

“Yes. At least once a day, every day.”

“Brother and sister?” she asks.

“Twins.” I answer as I buckle my seat belt.

Her eyes dart up to mine with genuine interest, “Really?”


“That’s so cool. My niece and nephew are fraternal twins.” She smiles that heart-stopping smile again and I swear my ability to form a sentence goes straight out the window. “Ever since they were born I’ve been intrigued by research on twins and twin studies. Interesting stuff.”

“Well, you don’t want to research these twins. Trust me.”

She laughs, and if her smile hadn’t already knocked me on my ass, her laugh would have. It was ethereal, it suited her other angelic qualities…like her voice and her eyes and her smile…

“I sense there is a definite warning there,” she says, still laughing.

“Yes. It says ‘Proceed With Caution.’”



“You’re funny, Trevor Monroe.” I love the way my full name rolls off her tongue. Sara puts the key in the ignition and turns on the truck. The rumble of the engine cuts off conversation in the back. She grabs a small, black, wireless device from the dash and clips it to the strap of her tank top. I’m completely mesmerized by her simple movements.

Sara taps the roof of the truck through her open window, pops it into gear, and we’re off. She presses a button on the steering wheel and a red light blinks on the wireless device. When she speaks, her voice comes through the speakers.

“Hey everyone, thanks for choosing Sand Tours. I’m Sara Sands, and I’ll be your guide today.”






Hearts In The Sand (JACT 2)




Our Moon (JACT 1)

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Change of Heart

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Jennifer lives in South Carolina with her husband and their three

fur-kids. She is in grad school, pursuing a Masters in Psychology for

Clinical Counseling. When she is not at work or taking classes, she is

either reading or writing. Books have always been her passion. She also

enjoys spending time with her family, traveling to new places, and











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