A Review of the #NewRelease BEYOND BROKEN by Emilia Winters

Pages Abound is pleased to bring you our review of Beyond Broken by Emilia Winters.

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A 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Review for BEYOND BROKEN by Emilia Winters

by Amy of Pages Abound

When the Maddie Ashby breaks down a couple miles out of town, she never expects to find herself indebted to the one man who had captured her heart long ago. Gone is the caring, quiet man who had given of himself in such a simple act; instead, Caleb Montgomery’s cold, hardened heart makes an unfriendly appearance when he ends up helping Maddie get her car to his shop. Not having the funds to pay for repairs and seeking a way to maintain her independence, Maddie quickly thinks on her feet and offers to work on the books Caleb has inherited after his uncle’s death.  Not understanding the pull Maddie seems to have over him, Caleb gives into her request and allows her to work off the payment.


But when working is such close quarters becomes too much and one night of physical attraction and heated banter leads more, the wall Caleb has built begins to crack, while Maddie’s ease and compassion begin to harden. Will their one mistake be enough to drive them apart, or will these two find a way to mend the fences and find reconciliation?


Emilia Winters brings to light another set of characters who have an electric chemistry and a scorching passion. Their banter, lust, and the devastation of their pasts ignite a connection that has readers cheering for the two to find their HEA. I love a story that is messy— a story that bring to the surface the truth about how ugly life can be, but how healing and freeing it is when you find the one. The one who can break through the walls we build around our hearts and offer a different view point, or the one who can bring a calm or peacefulness to the turmoil that can often override all the good life has to offer. With witty banter, steamy chemistry and a powerful storyline, Beyond Broken is a must read.


Although this is part of a great series, readers can pick up Beyond Broken and meet the devastating handsome and broken Caleb Montgomery and the quiet and demure Maddie Ashby.


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“You want a taste of what I can give you? Well, you know what, princess?” he sneered. “Get in the fucking line.”

Words that describe Caleb Montgomery: sinfully erotic, unbearably cold, beautifully devastating. Once upon a time, Maddie Ashby thought that he was the man of her dreams. But the boy with obsidian eyes that she’d once adored is long gone, replaced by a man whose broken past has molded and shaped him into someone unrecognizably cruel and hardened.

One mistake brings them together. Another will change both of their lives forever.

Note: Intended for mature audiences over 18+. This is a STANDALONE novel and can be read on its own even though it’s part of a series. No cliffhanger!


About the Author

Emilia Winters Profile Pciture.jpgEmilia Winters has been reading and writing stories since childhood. She discovered her passion for writing romance early on and never looked back. After graduating from the University of California, Irvine with a B.A. in English, she happily pursued her dream of becoming a self-published author. When she’s not dreaming up sizzling moments between her characters, she’s either watching old reruns of The Golden Girls or drinking tea. She currently lives in California, secretly hoping for rain as she soaks up the sun.



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