A Review of UNTOUCHABLE DARKNESS by Rachel Van Dyken



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Untouchable Darkness by Rachel Van Dyken is available now!

To love a Dark One is to invite death…
It is wrong to love her.  It is worse to want her.  It is sin to consume her.  I desire all three.
I’ve been given thirty days to prove my love to another immortal–as a human. Cursed to use nothing but the side of myself I’ve always despised to win her affection. I am Cassius, the King of the immortals, A Dark One.  And today I tasted fear for the first time.  How can I win her when my human emotions over take every ounce of logic I possess?  A darkness is brewing.  One I cannot stop as a human.  One that Stephanie, my loves visions, have shown, will be my end.  Thirty days ago I was King of the immortals.  Today I know fear.  Today I know how I will die.  By her hand.

The woman I love.​


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A 4.5 Star Review for UNTOUCHABLE DARKNESS by Rachel Van Dyken

Once again Rachel Van Dyken has turned me into a paranormal reader. For a genre that usually does not capture my interest, I must say that this group of angles, demons, vampires, werewolves, and sirens all have magnetic personalities that draw in readers and leave them spellbound and enamored—that leave them searching for truth in a world of darkness and light. If you have not picked up The Dark Ones, I recommend reading the first installment before reading Untouchable Darkness. However, this is not necessary, simply my recommendation to help support the unique interactions this group of friends share.


In Untouchable Darkness, readers are treated to the turbulent relationship between Cassius and Stephanie. Cassius has been tasked with guiding and instructing Stephanie in regard to the new powers she was given at the end of The Dark Ones; however, adding to this difficulty is the fact that Cassius only has thirty days to complete this task, a task that must be done as a human and one that comes with a heavy cost. As the two traverse the complications that arise and the communication gaps the two seem to have, the readers are treated to a story that is not only heartbreaking and at some points devastating, but also a love story that burns in a way that has readers swooning and cheering for two souls who are completely drawn to one another.


Through the suspenseful story, reader get a good understanding of the darkness that seems to be at war with Cassius and the Dark Ones. They are given the backstory that surrounds the beginning of the Dark Ones, Sariel’s position, and impending conflict that awaits. Reader’s will once again be captured by the humor, banter, and loyalty of this group of friends and will, no doubt, be humbled by the amazing story and sacrifice Sariel willingly shares with Cassius.


Hold on tight, as the battle between light and darkness is just beginning to rise once again. This may be Cassius and Stephanie’s story, but this is only a portion of the bigger picture that is forming. And as the battle begins to rage, I am eagerly awaiting the next installment and the walls that will crumble as Alex finds his own love interest.

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