Cover Reveal for Protecting My Heart by Danielle Wright

~Cover Reveal~
Protecting My Hart
Danielle Wright
Secrets can make you stronger.
Hartley Jackson knows this first
hand.  Her secret is her strength and she will do anything she has to in
order to protect it.  Leaving a life of violence and abuse is no
hardship.  Leaving the only man she’s ever truly loved is harder than she
could imagine.  But protecting her secret is more important than her
Secrets can kill you.
Slyde Cardoane is well aware
that his secrets could end him.  Being in love with another man’s woman
can cause serious problems.  Especially when that man is as powerful as
James Dobson. Slyde knows that falling in love with Hartley wasn’t smart.
It jeopardizes his wellbeing and his perfectly balanced life of secrets.
Secrets that can ruin him and a mission that has been years in the
making.  But he wouldn’t change his love for her, and he would do anything
in his power to protect her.
When fate has its own plan and
their carefully constructed lives are twisted together once again, Slyde is
determined not to let history repeat itself. He has to protect Hartley from his
other life, protect her from her past. It’s the only way to keep her safe. But,
will she allow him to protect her heart?

When trust and love are built on secrets, one truth
can shatter their existence – especially if that truth lands in the wrong

About the Author

 Danielle Wright was born in California, but
lives in Colorado. The beach is her paradise. She enjoys reading when she’s not
writing. She loves spending time with her family and friends. Danielle loves
the idea that books can offer an escape from reality for a while and allow you
to live in a new world even if it’s just for a couple of hours. To her books
are magic, and she hopes her books offer the same, even if just for one other
person. When she’s not writing or reading, you can find her attending classes,
watching football, and hockey or listening to music. Danielle loves getting to
know her readers so never be afraid to contact her!

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