Pages Abound is pleased to bring you a review of Together We Heal. Not only does this book have a beautiful cover, but a beautiful story about learning to let go of demons from the past in order to move forward in life. Also…check out the giveaway!
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First of all, let me begin by saying that Together We Heal is the 4th book in the Rise and Fall Series, and although it can be read as a stand alone, I would mention that knowing and understanding the dynamics between the characters and the backstory would make it a more powerful and cohesive read. (This is based on the fact that this was my first introduction to the series and the characters. I am now looking forward to going back and reading the series in order to fill the backstory and events that were mentioned.)

In this book, readers are introduced to Trish and Max who have already established themselves as a couple. It is their journey to find themselves and their place in the world regardless of outside opinion—to see if the relationship they have, while comfortable, is meant to extend beyond, to see if they can grow as a couple who trusts one another and seeks the same path.

Trish is a tough, snarky, and unique individual who beats to her own drum but is plagued by demons from her past and secrets she holds tight—secrets that have caused her to build up a wall around herself in order to protect her heart. While seeking honesty from those around her, especially her boyfriend Max, Trish struggles with how to reconcile the fear she has of sharing her past with her fear of losing her relationships. Ultimately, Trish is simply seeking love and acceptance and an understanding of who she is and what her goals are for her life.

Max is a hardworking, determined, and loving man who seems wise and mature for his age. He is searching for his own reconciliation—how to balance his dreams and goals for his life against those of his parents. His acceptance, wisdom, and patience for his relationship with Trisha are heartwarming. He is able to see past the walls she builds, the façade she shares with others, to understand the heart of the woman he loves. But is his patience enough? Will the two simply find that their comfortable relationship is simply meant to runs its course and end in friendship? Or will the two find a way to trust one another, to open up the lines of communication in order to build a relationship that can withstand time? Will they find a way to heal together?

This is an emotional story that shares the messiness of life; the struggle to heal from the past, the strength, determination, and desire it takes to push forward to find the life one seeks, and the need for a support system to help along the way. Although there are subject matters mentioned that might be upsetting for some, Cameron delivers the information in a tasteful and respectful way—not revealing too much detail, but adding in the angst and trauma needed to help build understanding for the characters.

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Trish Grant is not a romantic. Okay, so she may read her share of romance novels, but that doesn’t mean she thinks that some fellow with a six pack is going to ride up on a horse and sweep her (literally) off her feet. Romance like that just isn’t for her. It belongs on the page.

Max Jackson noticed Trish at his cousin’s funeral, of all places. She was hard to miss with her citrus-colored hair, violet contacts and fiery attitude.

Trish was just as captivated by Max. He makes her laugh, which is rare, and it doesn’t hurt that he rocks blue hair and the most killer smirk that drives her crazy. Max is there for her during a rough time and even if she wanted to, she can’t shake him.

There are things about Trish that Max doesn’t know, and she’s not going to tell him. She hasn’t told anyone and doesn’t plan on it, thank you very much. But when Trish’s life is ripped apart by a dark piece of her past, will she let Max in? Or will she give up her potential fairytale to protect her already-scarred heart from further damage?

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