Badass In My Bed #1 By Rae Lynn Blaise Review and Giveaway

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A Review by Pages Abound
Opposites attract in this quick introduction to this serial!

The very proper and hyper focused Rachel is out for a last girl’s night with her best friend before preparing for the move to Boston to join the Boston Symphony. Although she has worked her whole life for this, there is an underlying sadness and secret Rachel refused to share—one she keeps hidden. Heading out for one last girl’s night together, her best friend, Alex, can’t wait to push Rachel out of her comfort zone and into the arms of a one-night stand. Drawn to the hot guy in the bar with the bad boy tats, Rachel can’t keep her eyes off him. With a little meddling from her friend, Rachel ends up at the table for a little chat that quickly burns with a connection she has never felt.

Dylan naturally connects with Rachel through insightful and perceptive conversations, sharing a passion and understanding of music. He can read her well, and quickly breaks down her walls. Throwing caution to the wind, Rachel takes Dylan home for a night neither of them will soon forget. But will the one-night stand be enough, or is their connection greater? Will the secret Dylan has kept from Rachel—the secret she stumbles upon—ruin everything?

Please note that this is a serial. This first book will simply set you up with the characters and their immediate connection to one another. Readers will get a glimpse at the secrets that will hopefully be answered in the next installments. A quick read that is well written.

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My life is music. I play it, I live it, I breathe it. Next week, I start my dream job playing cello with the Boston Symphony. My father might finally be proud of me, and I… well, I’ll have my music. Then I met Dylan—tattooed, badass, always-hard Dylan. He’s nothing like anyone I’ve ever been with before. Just one night can’t hurt me. But sometimes when you play with fire, you get burned.

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Rae Lynn Blaise:

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