Professor Cline: Revealed by J.M. LaRocca (A Review by Pages Abound)

Professor Cline: Revealed (Professor, #1)Professor Cline: Revealed by J.M. LaRocca My rating: 5 of 5 stars I love it when I can find a new author that pulls me in from the beginning. Give me a dark, damaged, controlling, and sexy alpha male character who thinks he is too far damaged to fall for just one girl and a sweet, innocent, young girl who is able to push back against that man and his player ways, and I am hooked! Professor Mason Cline is a man with a tough exterior but a wounded and damaged soul. His past has left him with deep emotional scars that have caused him to push away relationships. He is only looking for the physical outlet—the one night stand—until he meets Emma. Emma is a law student who is getting ready to start her classes at NYU. Working as a server in a bar, she has no idea that the gorgeous man hitting on her will turn out to be the no non-sense, strict, controlling professor for her criminal law class. Just having come out of a long-term relationship, Emma is determined to focus on her studies. What she does not plan for is how distracted she will become or how much pull both she and Mason will have towards one another. Although the teacher/student relationship is not considered ethical, is the temptation and pull worth it? Will the demons of the past effect the future either of these two may be willing to have? Well written with good plot sequence, strong character development, and some tough subject matter. View all my reviews


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