★★★★★ Love Is Louder by Antoinette Candela (A Review by Pages Abound)

Love is LouderNot the Typical Love Triangle!
Antoinette Candela has done a great job of sharing how individuals and choices impact not only the direction of their own lives, but the lives of others. This book sets the scene and builds the background for several characters as they work through the bitter reality of life, and the ugliness that can come from secrets, lies, and betrayal. How much should one be willing to fight for their marriage? What happens when someone else enters the picture and helps you see just what you are missing from life? How far should one go to protect another?

Mason Marks and his family have suffered a devastating loss. The death of his sister is a cold case that haunts him daily. Life is routine and structured, as he focuses his time on his businesses and caring for his family. During a service call, Mason meets Brie. Although she is married, he can’t seem to keep Brie out of his mind. Never mind that the fact that she is married to the one man Mason never liked in high school.

Brie is the loving, devoted wife of James Fleming, a successful lawyer turned DA. On the outside, this marriage seems to have it all, but late nights, long hours at work, and lack of communication begin create a divide in the marriage. The loneliness created in the marriage has Brie beginning to question her husband’s commitment to her, and her insecurities have her asking why they can’t seem to agree of the same path for their marriage and family. But can she walk away?

James is feeling pressure. Pressure at work, pressure at home…constant pressure… and secrets that add to the overwhelming stress. He knows his wife is struggling with the marriage. He loves her, and he wants to make thing right, but he just can’t seem to find the right way to fix his marriage. Temptation is around him daily, but making the right choices does not always come easy for James and, in fact, could destroy his family and all he has worked for.

As the lives of these characters begin to intertwine, decisions will be made, lines will be crossed, friendships will be formed, but answer will be left hanging.
Although considered a contemporary romance, this book could also fall under romantic mystery as it centers around a cold-case that will leave the reader asking for more.

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